Sometimes despite all the theory and the grandstanding, people on the ground do the right thing and understand that you can put aside the ball and chain ethics and wage conflict. The collective West managed just fine after firebombing Tokyo establishing the liberal world order and it will still after the only state protecting the world's Jewry is done with terror. Only states that have the luxury to deal with 'heart and minds' do so and Israel does not and will never have that luxury. The West has never had to deal with an ethnic group hellbent on completely destroying everything you stand for and backed by the majority of the surrounding countries' populaces and if you are going to point out Nazi Germany then let it be known that that state wasn't backed by a non-German widely believed eschatology predicting total cleansing.

Sorry James but thank god you're not a policymaker or on some think-tank, the US' elites still do understand their obligation to the Jewish people after the horrors of the past and as for us, we'll never wait for those that have no skin in the game to 'accept our reasonings'.

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That just isn’t true though. Libs target innocents all the time to achieve their goals. Hiroshima, Tokyo, Dresden, Hamburg etc. Would one claim that civilians on an opposite side of the war are fair game? Libs currently have worked with Taiwan on how to destroy the three gorges dam without nuclear weapons so that they can deter China. The threat only works if you are willing to use it. Surely killing 20-30 million civilians in a matter of hours would be a war crime.

Libs like John Rawls and Michael Walter celebrate these events. It is simply absurd that everyone knows targeting innocents is wrong when even liberals under certain conditions will do it.

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